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So it begins...

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Its been quite the undertaking, planning and long nights to get this all sorted and at the level I need and challenge as well.

By level I mean the depth, story and experience that's important for me to tell my stories.

This project will be the most difficult of my career and has already been one of the most difficult projects to date. But I think that's exactly what I needed :).

This is the first page in an amazing new property I'm executive producing with one of the best and most accomplished writers I know in film, television and publishing around the world Kevin Grevioux. If that name sounds familiar Kevin is the Co-Creator of the hit franchise Underworld and also IFrankenstien. We have worked long hours and many rewrites and plotting to get this right.

Today is the beginning of a journey of my story that will span well over 200 pages long.

Enough for now enjoy the first update, my goal is at least one a day. Youtube videos coming...

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